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Employment Services


Employment is an important part of North Metro's Day Services, and community employment is a goal for all persons receiving these services. In order to help people reach that goal, our Employment Services provide a variety of employment assistance and opportunities. North Metro works with the local Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to provide these services.
These Services May Include:

  • Helping a person identify interests and goals.
  • Using a work assessment tool to determine a person's skills and areas of need.
  • Contracting with an Employment Consultant. This may include setting up job shadowing, interviewing, job trials.
  • Job training, scheduling, arranging transportation to and from a job, and solving disability accommodation issues.
  • Ongoing support and regular contact from the Employment Consultant with the employed person and the employer.
  • Additional training as necessary.

Gary Hartwick

Associate Director


Businesses Employing Persons Eligible for North Metro's Services:

Home Depot
B&G Services
Gunther Toodies
King Soopers
Burger King
Papa John's Pizza

Group Work Options Currently Contracting with Businesses:

City of Westminster - Street Maintenance
Buckley Air Force Base - Janitorial
EDP Broomfield - Assembly and Packaging
North Metro Community Services - Mailroom and Custodial


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