Adult Services

Many of the programs that North Metro Community Services provides case management for require eligibility for Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program). Please visit the Colorado Department of Health Care & Financing (HCPF) website to see all of the Health First Colorado benefits and programs that are available through the State of Colorado, for adults and children with intellectual, physical, and/or financial needs.   

The Resource Coordination Department at North Metro Community Services provides case management for several programs for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. If you or your family member is already enrolled into a program at North Metro, please contact your assigned Resource Coordinator with questions about these programs.  If you are just starting out or on a wait list, please feel free to email us at, or to call our main number (303) 457-1001 and ask for Intake, with any questions.

Supported Living Services Waiver (HCBS-SLS)

The HCBS-SLS waiver provides necessary services and supports for adults (18+ years old) with intellectual or developmental disabilities so they can remain living safely in their homes and communities. This waiver is designed to supplement existing natural supports and traditional community resources. Youth ages 18-21 who are enrolled in school transition program are able to enroll into SLS, they may receive services outside of the school/educational system obligations. There is no wait list to enroll adults who meet eligibility criteria. The HCBS-SLS Waiver program requires that the person meet disability and financial criteria initially, and annually for Long Term Care (LTC) Medicaid eligibility.  For more information about the HCBS-SLS Waiver program visit the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing website.

There is a very limited state-funded SLS program available (that has a waitlist) for adults who have no option to become eligible for LTC Medicaid HCBS-SLS, or who require an allowable, time-limited service that cannot be funded through any Medicaid-funded program.

Developmental Disabilities Waiver (HCBS-DD)

The Home and Community-Based Services Waiver is an option for adults 18+ years old who have Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities. This program provides access to 24-hour, seven days a week supervision through Residential and Day Program or Employment Services and Supports. This program may also be referred to as “Comprehensive Services” or “Residential services”. The service provider is responsible to help adults enrolled in services to find and maintain appropriate living arrangements of their choice.  Living arrangements can range from host homes settings with 1-2 persons,  group settings, and residential supports for participants who live in their own home or who live with and/or are provided residential services by members of their family. There is a State-administered waitlist for this program.  For more information about the HCBS-DD Waiver program, please click here to visit the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing website.

North Metro Community Services is also a Program Approved Service Agency (PASA), and offers a wide array of direct services to adults and children:

  • Support Services provides an array of services for children and adults enrolled in the HCBS-SLS, CES, and State SLS programs. This includes services for children who live with their families, and adults who live at home with their families or on their own.  
  • Day Program Services: This program is provided in the community and at base sites. This program strives to meet the individual physical, emotional, and cognitive needs of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Services are available for adults enrolled in the HCBS-SLS, DD, and State SLS programs.
  • Supported Employment Services: Employment is an important part of North Metro’s Day Program Services, and community employment is a goal for all persons receiving these services. In order to help people to reach that goal, our Employment Services provide a variety of employment assistance and opportunities. Services are available for adults enrolled in the HCBS-SLS, DD, and State SLS programs.
  • Residential Services: Residential services provides long term residential supports for adults with developmental disabilities.  We are committed to providing the highest quality to individuals, who on their own, have difficulty meeting the challenges of daily living.