Children’s Extensive Support

The Children’s Extensive Support (CES) Medicaid Waiver Program

The Children’s Extensive Support (CES) Medicaid Waiver Program provides services and supports for a child under 18 years of age with extensive behavioral or medical needs in order to remain in a safe, nurturing environment with his or her family. Children who qualify for this waiver must re-qualify on an annual basis, displaying the need for extremely high amounts of intervention, support, assistance, and supervision for an average of 20 hours in each 24-hour period.

Children’s Extensive Support promotes responsible individual choice and local decision-making by the child’s family to address the unmet prioritized needs of the child. The program is designed to supplement existing natural supports and community resources and to prevent out-of-home placement, if possible.

Within the CES Program, allowable services must not be billable to Medicaid or third party insurance, or the responsibility of the school. Funds received on behalf of each child enrolled are dependent upon available resources statewide and prioritized needs must be identified on the Service Plan (SP).

Services and Supports

In addition to providing Medicaid services to the enrolled child, the following services are examples of those currently available with approval:

Personal Assistant Services – include personal care, household services, supervision, and respite care.

Community Connection Services – assistance to maintain a child’s connections to their community.

Behavioral Services – provided when challenging behaviors interfere with activities of daily living, social interactions, or other similar situations. Services include diagnostic evaluations, consultations with family members and professionals providing services, setting up behavior plans to be implemented by others, counseling services, behavioral interventions related to the child’s disability.

Home Modification Services – services include accessibility modifications (ramps, railings, etc.) and safety (alarms, intercoms, etc.).

Assistive Technology Services – such as safety devices, skill acquisition devices, and adaptive recreational equipment. Also included are repairs or maintenance of such devices, as well as assessment and training.

Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies – including durable medical equipment as well as general care items such as wipes and specialized clothing. Repairs or maintenance of medical equipment, and assessment and training.