Day Program

The programs in Adult Day Services are available for adults 18+ with intellectual/developmental disabilities. We are proud of our innovative programming and smaller sized groups. Our groups are community based and we focus on the following attributes:

  • Inclusion- we work every day to forge new relationships in the community and to create real support systems for people receiving services.
  • Choice- each individual gets a say in what they want to do in Day Program; our staff are responsive and creative with their schedules.
  • Individual needs- we strive to make Day Program a safe and warm environment by caring for each person’s physical and emotional/behavioral needs.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact one of our Associate Directors (phone numbers to the right).

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Day Services 2023 Calendar of Events

Tracy Bauknecht
Associate Director of Day Program

Gary Hartwick
Associate Director of Day Program

Robert Hunter
Director of Day Program