Day Program

The programs in Adult Day Services strive to meet the individual physical, emotional, and cognitive needs of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Persons from age 18 may become a part of these programs. If you are interested in learning more about one of these programs or taking a tour, please contact one of our Associate Directors (phone numbers to the right).

Day Programs Include:

Day Services 2020 Calendar of Events

Tracy Bauknecht
Associate Director of Day Program

Gary Hartwick
Associate Director of Day Program

Robert Hunter
Director of Day Program

Day Services Monthly Calendars

Below you can find calendars for each of our Day Services teams. These calendars show  activity options for each day of the month on each team. Please be aware that these are always TENTATIVE, and activities can change due to a variety of circumstances, including absences, weather, and individual choice.

If you have questions about calendars, please feel free to contact your team’s Program Manager.