Family Caregiver

North Metro provides residential services to individuals in a place of their choice and by a person of their choice through Family Caregiver Services. This option is an excellent one for some individuals.

Family Caregiver Features

  • The IDT must agree that the Family Caregiver option is the least restrictive for the individual. This means the individual’s life should resemble those of other people the same age.
  • The individual’s comprehensive funding remains the same with residential, day program, and transportation services. The number of paid hours are agreed upon and dependent on the funding the person has. Other hours are considered natural supports.
  • The services provided must meet the agency and state standards which are the same for group home and host homes
  • The home must pass a HUD inspection
  • If the family members want to be paid, they will need to become an NMCS employee. Background checks and training requirements must be met.
  • Another option is having an NMCS employee provide the residential service in the home with the family providing natural supports.
  • Residential program staff with monitor the home for quality of services at least monthly