Intake & Eligibility

If you are a resident of Adams County and believe you may be eligible for the programs available at North Metro Community Services, please call the Resource Coordination Department at (303) 457-1001, or email us at to request an intake, or download the Request for Developmental Disability Determination (application).

Click Below to Download the Request for Developmental Disability Determination Application in English.

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Our Intake and Navigation Coordinators will begin the process to determine if you meet the Intellectual or Developmental Disability eligibility criteria.  In Colorado a developmental disability for anyone over five years of age is defined as a disability that:

  • Occurs before the person reaches 22 years of age
  • Substantially impacts the person’s daily life
  • Is caused by mental retardation or related conditions; for example, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome, Epilepsy or other neurological conditions
  • Impairs the person’s general intellectual functioning by either cognitive (IQ) or Adaptive testing scores: IQ or Adaptive functioning score 70 or below
  • Significantly limits daily living skills in two or more areas

We are available to walk you through the Intake process, and have resources for cognitive and adaptive testing. You may submit your completed and signed Request for Developmental Disability Determination application packet via email to, via fax at (303) 252-7355 (attention: Intake), or drop off at our office Monday-Thursday at 1185 W. 124th Avenue, Westminster, CO 80234

General Intake, waitlist, and enrollment offer inquiries may be made by emailing us at, or by calling (303) 457-1001.

Eligibility Determination

Children from Birth to Age 5 Years

Children from birth to age 5 in Colorado may be determined to meet Developmental Delay criteria. As a developmental delay is considered to be a short-term as the child is developing, this determination is not considered permanent.

Re-determination of Eligibility at Age 5

State of Colorado law requires that in order to remain on a wait list, or to continue receiving services,  children between the ages of 5-6 years must be determined, in order to ensure they meet criteria for an Intellectual or Developmental Disability. Families will need to complete a Request for Developmental Disability Application and will be asked to submit current Cognitive IQ or Adaptive behavior testing and diagnoses for review by one of our Intake and Navigation Resource Coordinators. Such documents might include a testing report from a child’s psychologist or psychiatrist, or a child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) or other documents from school, psychologist, or psychiatrist that include such test results and the credentials of the professional who conducted the testing..

Order of Selection Date

The Order of Selection Date is the date that the State of Colorado uses to determine when you or your family member can be placed on an adult program waiting list, and for order of offer for enrollment into all programs for people with intellectual disabilities.   

  • When a child between the ages of 5 and 13 years of age is determined to meet criteria for an Intellectual or Developmental disability in Colorado, the date of the 14th birthday becomes their “Order of Selection” date.
  • When a child age 14-18 or an adult is determined to meet criteria for an Intellectual or Developmental Disability in Colorado, the date of their application becomes their “Order of Selection Date”.

Case Management While Waiting for Enrollment

Families of children ages birth to 2.5 years of age are referred to the Early Intervention program at North Metro. 

Families of children aged 3-17 years are given information about the Family Support program, as well as other available children’s Medicaid waiver programs.  This helps to identify what programs available in Colorado the child might meet criteria for that could best meet their needs. If a child has been determined to meet criteria for an Intellectual or Developmental Disability by North Metro, but is not enrolled in a service, your family will receive an annual update letter and form, to identify needs and priorities for the child, as well as to offer opportunities to discuss possible programs your child could be eligible for.  

If you have questions about case management while waiting for services, or any of these programs and eligibility requirements for them, please feel free to email us at, or to call our main number (303) 457-1001 and ask for Intake.  

The Family Support Program serves children who meet criteria for developmental delay or disability.  This program has a wait list at each Community Centered Board due to limited funding available.  Families are offered the option of completing a Most In Needs (MIN) assessment, in order to obtain a MIN score, and be placed on the wait list for Family Support with North Metro.  Enrollment into Family Support and funding authorized is dependent upon available funding and the child’s MIN score. Please contact our Intake staff at or 303-252-7199 if you would like to complete a Most In Needs (MIN) assessment to be placed on our Family Support wait list.

Children ages 14-17 may be placed on an adult services wait list for Supported Living Services, and Developmental Disability (Residential) services as early as their 14th birthday, with a “See Date” status of their 18th birthday (means that is the absolute earliest they can enroll into the program).  Adult services are not available until a child turns 18, but this establishes their Order of Selection date and confirms that the family is interested in adult services for their child when they become available.  The Order of Selection date is used to create an order which children and adults can be offered, and enroll into various programs. 

Adults (age 18+) may request to enroll into the HCBS-SLS Waiver program (Supported Living Services), as there is no wait to enroll into this program. Eligibility for Long Term Care Medicaid (Health First Colorado) is required for this program, along with some additional eligibility steps.  Please click here to learn more about the Supported Living Services Waiver. 

Adults (age 18+) may request to be placed on an adult services wait list for the Developmental Disability Waiver “DD Waiver” (also known as the Residential or Comprehensive Services Waiver). Colorado has made great strides over the last 5 years in eliminating wait lists for most programs for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, and since July 2018 has allocated additional funds to enroll increasing numbers of adults into the DD Waiver. Please click here to learn more about the Developmental Disability Waiver.       

Case Management After Enrollment

Case management is individualized for each child or adult who enrolls into a program through North Metro Community Services, and you will receive a designated Resource Coordinator to provide case management services. Requirements for financial and/or functional eligibility will vary by the program you or your family member is enrolled in. Certain general requirements across all programs are to work with your Resource Coordinator to develop an annual Service or Support Plan, participate in routine face to face monitoring of services or funds, completing annual eligibility assessments, and reporting all changes of address, contact name/numbers or emails, changes of needs, and benefit changes as soon as possible to your Resource Coordinator.