Resource Coordination

This department provides Intake and eligibility determination services for children and adults living in Adams County, as well as case management services for children and adults living in Adams and neighboring counties, waiting for and enrolled in services.

Stacey Larrabee
Director of Resource Coordination

Case management involves providing resources and information, linking and coordinating services to ensure that a person’s individual needs are met. Our case managers are called Resource Coordinators; they are responsible for the following services:

  • Intake & Eligibility
  • Needs Assessment
  • Team Development of an Individualized Service Plan
  • Implementation, monitoring, and revision as needed of that Plan
  • Case Coordination and Ongoing Assessment
  • Support to maintain eligibility requirements for certain programs
  • Record Keeping and Quality Assurance
  • Referral or Discharge, When Necessary
  • Resource Coordination Intake Office Hours

There are three categories of service in our department: Intake and Navigation, Case Management for Children’s and Adult service programs, as well as an Administrative Support Team. We offer Resource Coordination services in Spanish as well as English to ensure that Spanish-speaking families understand our Intake process, waiting lists, and active services. We also arrange for interpretation services to support other language preferences including American Sign Language, as needed.

Resource Coordination Intake Office Hours

  • Wednesdays Starting February 1st and every Wednesday thereafter barring inclement weather, holidays, and PTO.
  • Appointments strongly encouraged
  • Please contact intake through the following to make an appointment:
    • Phone DL# 303-255-5746
    • Email: RC Intake

If you have a concern in regards to Resource Coordination please send email to and someone will follow-up with you.