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Resource Coordination

1185 W. 124th Avenue
Westminster, CO 80234
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(303) 252-7199
Fax: (303) 252-7355

Westminster Day Program

1001 W. 124th Avenue
Westminster, CO 80234
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(303) 457-1001
Fax: (303) 457-2326

Brighton Day Program

991 Platte River Blvd
Brighton, CO 80601
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(303) 453-3310
Fax: (303) 659-3142


960 W. 124th Ave, Unit 400
Westminster, CO 80234
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(303) 457-1001
Fax: (303) 265-9903

Early Intervention

960 W. 124th Ave, Unit 600
Westminster, CO 80234
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(303) 457-1001
Fax: (303) 265-9028

Residential Program

1185 W. 124th Avenue
Westminster, CO 80234
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(303) 457-1001
Fax: (303) 252-7406

Administrative Office Hours

The Administrative Office is open Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone: (303) 457-1001
Fax: (303) 255-6510

Email Us!

You may email LouAnn in Resource Coordination and she will get the message to whom it belongs at:

You may email Directors, Coordinators or Team Leaders directly by addressing the email to First Name.Last – for example you would email the Executive Director in this way:

If you are unsure of the correct spelling of a particular person’s name, please call the receptionist and she will help you: (303) 457-1001.

Please know that you can email a confidential and secure email to any Director, Coordinator or Team Leader at North Metro by using this link to a secure email portal:
You will need to sign in by giving your email address, then you will be able to write to the person of your choice, but you will need to know that person’s email address in advance. So, please call the receptionist at (303) 457-1001 if you are unsure of the person you want to write to, or unsure of the spelling for their address. First Name.Last

Phone Directory

For Questions About: Call: At This Number
Employment Services Gary Hartwick 303-457-1001 x1661
Day Program Director Robert Hunter 303-457-1001 x1525
Westminster Day Services Coordinator Tracy Bauknecht 303-457-1001 x1560
Residential Program Director Ryan Grygiel 303-457-1001 x1520
Support Services Director Carrie Morris 303-457-1001 x1611
Intake Children from Infancy Through 3 Celeste Marmolejo 303-453-3302
Intake Children 6 and Up 303-252-7199 x1581
Human Resources Director Jennifer O’Shea 303-457-1001 x1506
Recreation Program Delight Kraus 303-457-1001 x1534
DataSafe Manager Gary Hartwick 303-457-1001 x1661
Resource Coordination Director Stacey Larrabee 303-252-7199 x1586
Assistant Executive Director/CFO George Montoya 303-457-1001 x1640
Still Confused? Call the Executive Director Randy Brodersen 303-457-1001 x1504
Brighton Day Services Coordinator Gary Hartwick 303-453-3310

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