What’s New at NMCS!

What’s New at NMCS!

Digging up History

April 23, 2024|

Did you know that this year is North Metro’s 60th Anniversary? We have put together a group to help plan a celebration for later this year, and part of that is the duo of Carrie Morris and Tracy Bauknecht, who are our history detectives!

Carrie and Tracy have set up their own office, where they have huge piles of photo albums and boxes full of newspaper clippings and memorabilia. It will be a daunting job to get through 60 years of history to find the highlights. Carrie says that in the end they will have a timeline of major events in […]

Support Services Moves Online

February 16, 2024|

Support Services has moved to online documentation with Therap! Therap is a full-service electronic record & data-collection program, and it has taken the place of paper files in all the departments of NMCS now. That means when it’s time to enter your notes, you are going to your phone or computer instead of a piece of paper. Now that meant a great deal of training. In October and November, we worked to train over 100 Support Partners on using the new system! It was a big challenge, but our team worked hard and rose to it.  Director Robert Hunter says, […]

A Note from Our CEO

February 2, 2024|

Welcome to 2024 and our new North Metro Website. It was time for an update, especially with the changes around Case Management and I hope you find the new design attractive and useful.

2023 was a hard year at North Metro. After talking about Conflict-Free Case Management for over two decades it finally happened and now we are no longer providing Case Management. As of November 1, the new contractor, Rocky Mountain Human Services has taken over those responsibilities for both Denver and Adams County. The actual handover of responsibilities went smoothly but Rocky Mountain is playing catch-up and is still […]

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