Did you know that this year is North Metro’s 60th Anniversary? We have put together a group to help plan a celebration for later this year, and part of that is the duo of Carrie Morris and Tracy Bauknecht, who are our history detectives!

Carrie and Tracy have set up their own office, where they have huge piles of photo albums and boxes full of newspaper clippings and memorabilia. It will be a daunting job to get through 60 years of history to find the highlights. Carrie says that in the end they will have a timeline of major events in Colorado IDD history, with North Metro’s milestones on it. Of course, it will have photos and news articles to go with it. The project will be displayed at the 60th Anniversary celebration.

Carrie and Tracy are both long-time employees at North Metro (or were-Carrie just retired this last year!), and so going through all those photos has brought up quite a few memories.  It has also been fun to have other NMCS staff pop into the office to take a look at the photos and reminisce a little bit. Tracy says, “What’s been magical to me is seeing people we’ve lost and sharing stories about them.  I love seeing our folks as young kids and just watching through photos how their lives have progressed.  It reminds me what a special place North Metro is.  Our growth as an agency has been awe inspiring, and I’m proud to know I’ve been able to be part of the story.”

Published On: April 23, 2024Categories: NMCS News

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