Residential Services

Residential Services

Host Home Residential Services

Host homes provide people with intellectual and developmental disabilities opportunities to live with a family in a private home in the community and receive care from them.  The people who open their homes to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities become so much more than just care providers.  They are advocates, teachers, and friends. Families go through an extensive screening and training program before being matched with a person to live in their home. Residential Program Managers and Nurse Case Managers regularly monitor host homes to assure that quality services are provided.  Host Home providers are independent contractors and not employees of North Metro Community Services.

Each person in our Host Home program is actively involved in planning their daily routine and the services they need to be successful.  Our Host Home program includes:

  • 24-hour support
  • Life skills development
  • Opportunities to participate in community activities including work or day program services
  • Community integration
  • Self-advocacy
  • Money management
  • Medication management 

Host Home Provider

If you are interested in applying to become a host home provider, please download the Host Home Provider Application Packet.


North Metro’s Residential Department operates two apartment programs for individuals with developmental disabilities. Within these programs, persons live alone or with one roommate. The centrally located apartment complexes are conveniently located adjacent to shopping, bus-lines and medical facilities, and offers newly remodeled apartments, pool, greenbelt access, clubhouse with TV and internet access. Staff supervision is provided in accordance with recommendations of the person’s Interdisciplinary Team. Access to on site staff is available 24/7.

Individualized supports to residents in the apartment program include:

  • Assistance in daily living activities is based on each individual’s ability and may include support with things such as cooking, laundry, housekeeping, shopping, or medication administration
  • Opportunities for leisure and recreational activities
  • Group and individual life skills classes such as budgeting, healthy choices, cooking, and one-on-one mentorship with a focus on safety in independent living
  • Transportation to appointments and recreation and leisure activities as needed
  • Help with management of personal finances as needed
  • Dedicated staff are specially trained in the areas of financial management, community resources, and mentorship
  • Furnished apartments with Resident selection of furnishings and household items.
Apartment Home Residential Services
Mission Statement

Our goal is to create a cornerstone of services and supports which empower our Residents to enjoy independent living. This will be done with mindful attention to dignity and service to the whole person.

North Metro’s Apartment Programs feature individualized supports based on each participant’s need and team guidance. Excelling at creating positive rapport and encouraging resident participation, staff are specially trained to balance support with the respect and dignity which is inherent in an independent living setting. Residents enjoy such activities as ice cream socials, cooking lessons, Rockies games, reading groups, and many other opportunities to connect them with the community. Apartment Program residents will have the opportunity to mentor new participants in the program and share how they have been successful in their own experience.

Family Caregiver Residential Services

North Metro provides residential services to individuals in a place of their choice and by a person of their choice through Family Caregiver Services. This option is an excellent one for some individuals.

Family Caregiver Features

  • NMCS Residential NOW offers the option of either becoming an employee OR an independent contractor for Family Caregiver services. Background checks and training requirements must be met.
  • Pay is negotiated between the person’s family and our agency and is based on the Medicaid level rate. We offer a very competitive wage. The individual’s comprehensive funding remains the same with residential, day program, and transportation services.
  • We would enter into an annual Family Caregiver Agreement (for Employee) or an annual contract (for Independent Contractor) that outlines the daily pay, rules and regulations, and “natural supports” for unpaid hours.
  • All paid hours performed in the home are EXEMPT from State and Federal Tax.
  • We can do online or paper documentation.
  • Training will be provided by the NMCS team to help make sure Family Caregiver families are comfortable and familiar with our processes and software.
  • The services provided must meet the agency and state standards which are the same as the guidelines for host homes and apartment living

NMCS Residential been participating in the Family Caregiver model for 10+ years and we currently provide services to over 85 individuals and their families, so we have a very good understanding how to support our individuals living in their family home. We offer 24/7 on-call support to all of our families with access to 5 nurses, 11 Program Managers, and both the Associate Director and Director of Residential Services. In terms of our in-home support/monitoring, we tailor it to the needs of the person in services in addition to what the family desires (IE: some families like us to have more of a presence in their home while others want us to respect their space and privacy. At minimum, we can visit the home once every three months or in some cases we may make monthly visits if so desired). We take a Person-Centered approach, so we want the person and their family to tell us what they would like their services and supports to look like so that it aligns with their personal goals and expectations.