Early Intervention: Children Birth to 3 Years

Early Intervention: Children Birth to 3 Years

Do you have a concern about your child’s development?
Do you have a concern about your child’s development?

Early Intervention Referral:

To begin the Early Intervention referral process, please complete the online referral form, available in both English EI Referral Form and Spanish Referencia De Intervencion Temprana.  If your child is found eligible to receive Early Intervention services, you will have a Service Coordinator to help develop a plan to meet your child’s identified needs and walk you through the process.  Your Service Coordinator and your child’s team will be available to help you make adjustments to services as necessary.  This team will also be available to help you plan a transition from Early Intervention services at age three and provide information about community resources and other services that may be available.

For further information, please visit the Early Intervention Colorado website at www.eicolorado.org


Your child and family may receive Early Intervention services if your child meets one of the following criteria:

  1. Your Child has a significant Developmental Delay in one or more of the following areas:
    • Cognitive Development including thinking, learning, and developing play skills
    • Physical or Motor Development including moving, seeing and hearing
    • Language or Communication development including understanding and using sounds, gestures, and words
    • Social and Emotional development including responding to and developing relationships with other people
    • Adaptive Development including daily activities like feeding and dressing
  1. Your child has a diagnosis that may result in a Developmental Disability based on criteria found in the Established Conditions Database
  2. Your child is living with a parent that has been identified with an Intellectual Developmental Disability
If Your Child is Eligible for Early Intervention Services:

You may receive support to promote your child’s development, within your family activities and community life. Colorado’s Early Intervention system supports children from birth until child is three years of age who have special developmental needs. The Early Intervention Colorado program “connects” families with Early Intervention services, such as Occupational, Speech or Physical Therapy, and Developmental Intervention to help infants and toddlers grow and develop. Early Intervention also helps the child’s family in this process.

Early Intervention is a voluntary program and does not discriminate based on race, culture, religion, income level, citizenship, or disability.

Providing developmental supports and services early on can improve a child’s ability to develop, learn, and overcome some of the obstacles presented by a delay or diagnosed disability. These services are delivered through a parent education model, encouraging families to work alongside the therapist to support their child with strategies the therapist is putting into place.

Connect with Early Intervention on Facebook:

Connect with Early Intervention on Facebook: