Support Services has moved to online documentation with Therap! Therap is a full-service electronic record & data-collection program, and it has taken the place of paper files in all the departments of NMCS now. That means when it’s time to enter your notes, you are going to your phone or computer instead of a piece of paper. Now that meant a great deal of training. In October and November, we worked to train over 100 Support Partners on using the new system! It was a big challenge, but our team worked hard and rose to it.  Director Robert Hunter says, “Therap will assist the department in becoming more efficient in the review and processing of documentation.  Although new systems can be a challenge to get started, this service has proven to be a game changer in our Residential and Day Program services.  Our Support Partners, Support Staff, and Program Managers have done an amazing job getting the Therap program moving forward!”

By December, most of our Support Partners were ready to go, and we implemented Therap on the first day. The first couple of weeks were a bit bumpy, and there were many phone calls to answer, but we are now smoothly utilizing the new system. We are very impressed with how well our Support Partners have done with picking up the new program; it is definitely starting to make documentation easier on everyone.

Published On: February 16, 2024Categories: NMCS News

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