NMCS Grant Assistance Program

NMCS Grant Assistance Program

North Metro Community Services (NMCS) and the Board of County Commissioners in Adams County recognize that people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities have needs beyond those that can be met with available programs. Through a partnership between NMCS and the County Commissioners, the NMCS Grant Assistance Program was established.

The purpose of the NMCS Grant Assistance Program is to help families financially with needs that are not covered by State or Medicaid funds due to program limitations. People who live in Adams County who are eligible for IDD services and supports, and those who believe they are eligible for IDD services may apply.

Grant funds are limited and applications are subject to review by the NMCS Grant Committee. This committee includes NMCS Administration and a representative from The Arc of Adams County. In order to assure the best use of available funding, submission of an application may result in referrals to other community resources.

Grant assistance may be requested to meet a variety of needs including but not limited to: Assistive Technology, Adaptive Equipment, Environmental Engineering, Home Modification, Vehicle modification or repair, Medical, Dental, Vision, Therapy, Transportation, and living expenses, tutoring or unmet educational needs, and recreation and social opportunities. Emergency funding may be approved for living expenses, rent, mortgage, utilities, home maintenance, temporary housing, food, vehicle repair, or medical needs. Emergent needs that are eligible for funding are those that could compromise the health and safety of a person with an IDD.

The Grant Committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month to review applications. Results of the application review will be available by the first Thursday of each month. Emergency applications will be reviewed as soon as possible as they are received.

Grant Application Definitions and Helpful Hints

Eligible Individual: This is the person who needs access to services and supports in Adams County. The eligible individual may participate in programs such as the Supported Living Services (SLS), or Children’s Extensive Support (CES) Waivers. Or, they may be someone who is currently applying to have their eligibility determined. Eligible individuals may also be young children who receive Early Intervention or preschool services. School-aged children may be eligible based on their IQ and Adaptive skills. Please provide this person’s full legal name.

Disability, Medical Conditions: These include diagnoses that impact the eligible individual. If you don’t know the specific diagnoses or are waiting on testing please indicate that.

Assistive Technology / Adaptive Equipment: devices or items that are not covered by private insurance or Medicaid. In order to consider funding, a copy of an evaluation and recommendation from the eligible individual’s therapist (Occupational, Physical, Speech, Behavior) or primary care physician is required. Medicaid / private insurance denials or documentation of attempts to access Medicaid / private insurance are required.

Environmental Engineering / Home Modifications: Ramps, lifts, widened doorways, etc. to allow adequate accessibility and safety for the eligible individual and their caregiver. This may be considered when Medicaid or a Medicaid Waiver Program is unable to provide funds. For this support, we need to know if the family / person owns or is renting their home.

Vehicle Modification or Repair: Ramps for wheelchairs, special seatbelts or harnesses, other items to assure the eligible individual and caregiver safety. Repairs to non-modified vehicles to assure adequate transportation.

Respite Care: Temporary supervision for the eligible individual so that primary caregivers can take a break to take time for themselves, tend to their own appointments, or care for other people in the home. Childcare may also be included where there is a hardship for the primary caregiver to work outside of the home.

Therapy: May include but is not necessarily limited to payment or co-payment for Occupational, Physical, Speech, Behavioral, Art, Music, Massage, or Equine (Hippo) therapies.

Medical / Dental / Vision: Costs associated with the eligible individuals care that cannot be covered by private insurance, Medicaid, or a Waiver program. Items, services, and co-payments can be considered.

Transportation: Costs associated with the eligible individual’s participation in programs, community events, medical or therapy visits, etc.

Education / Tutoring: Supports which are not included in the eligible individual’s IEP that help the person and their caregiver learn and support learning in an effective and efficient way.

Non-emergent living expenses or home maintenance: Payment for utilities, home repair, extensive housekeeping, carpet cleaning, etc.

Emergency Request: This is a grant request that is time sensitive. If the eligible individual and their family are at risk of homelessness, loss of utilities, inadequate food or shelter, appliance repair or replacement, the request becomes an emergency and will be quickly reviewed by the Grant Committee. Consider health, safety, and stability of the person and family.

Describe your need and how grant funds will help you: In this section provide as much detail as possible. Tell your story. This helps the Grant Committee get a picture of your situation and need. Describe what is not working and what would be helpful to make things work better in your home and for the person you support. Consider health, safety, and stability in your description.

Helpful Hints for Completing Your Application:

  • Please be sure that all information is complete before submitting.
  • Provide as much detail as possible in the section that says: Describe your need and how grant funds will help you.
  • Provide an estimated cost along with a written estimate, invoice, bill, or receipt of previously made payments. These documents may be sent directly to louann.hartwick@nmetro.org.
  • For Emergency Requests please be sure to answer all of the additional questions
    • What caused this emergency? Include what has happened to make this a unique and time-sensitive need.
    • Are you able to pay a portion of this expense? If you are able to contribute some money to meet this need, it will help the Grant Committee in their decision-making and timeframe.
    • What other resources have been explored? Please let us know if you have requested assistance from any other agency. It may be possible for two or more agencies to commit funding to meet an emergency need.
    • Who will this type of emergency be preventable in the future? Please provide as much detail as you can for the Grant Committee to understand how this funding will help with future stability. If this is unknown or there is no plan in place please let us know this. We may be able to refer or connect you with other agencies for additional or ongoing help.
    • Approved funds should be made payable to: Direct payment to the vendor is preferred. This assists us with grant management and reporting. Please provide all identifying information that you have about the vendor. If payment needs to be made to the primary caregiver, please be sure that you provide the full legal name, full address, phone number, email, etc.
Application for Grant Assistance
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